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Random Wedding Day Tips

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Here are some random thoughts I’ve been rolling around in my head based on my personal experience in weddings, and experience watching brides on their big day. These are a matter of opinion, and my hope is that they are helpful to some... A side note to my own bridesmaids on my wedding day 8 years ago, I’m sorry for those impossible shoes I requested you to wear! ha! <3

1. Yes, stress the details. You can’t go into your day without knowing or caring about details. For example, have the order your wedding party will stand in mind before your rehearsal to avoid awkward moments. Let your vendors (caterer, DJ, photographer, videographer, etc) know when dinner will be served ahead of the day. It does matter the logistics of how the day will flow, what needs to be done to make it happen, and who needs to be where/when to make it happen. I promise, if these details are stressed over prior to your big day, you won’t be torn in 50 different directions by people asking for direction the day of. Stress the details, start to finish. Do your research on what a typical timeline is and then think about how that will apply to your venue/venues and how you envision your day. You’ll be thankful you did. I’m not saying everything will go according to plan, because it won’t, but at least you have a guideline for your day and everyone knows what’s expected of them to help make your day special and all about you.

2. In addition, communicate the same timeline to all your vendors well in advance...and yes, have a timeline. Be sure your timeline is approved and achievable by all your vendors and venues, hence taking care of this in advance. You want your day to run smooth, your vendors play a big part in helping that happen. They truly want you to be happy with your day and their performance on your day. If they aren’t on the same page, chaos can ensue. If your vendors offer to communicate directly with each other, let them, it helps them help you! (Perk! When working with me, I will provide you will a suggested timeline based on your expectations and plans for the day!)

3. The dress. Yes, the dress and accessories are important. Yes, you want them to be in perfect condition. As long as your dress fits well and there aren’t any large tears or stains, you’re golden. By the end of the night, it will be in quite the state of disarray. Don’t let a snag or a small rip in your dress or veil the morning of ruin your day. Yes, the dress is a big deal...but (dare I say) it’s not everything. No one, including you, when looking back at the photos, will see that small snag in your dress. Don’t sweat the small stuff the day of, take it as it comes, and soak in the magic.

4. Bridesmaids dresses. Pick a handful of dresses your bridesmaids can choose from, made from the same fabric, in the same color. Everyone has different body types and levels of comfort. If you’re asking your friends and family to spend some dollars on a dress they’ll realistically only wear once, help them be comfortable in what they are wearing and be conscious of body types. Set realistic and clear expectations for when dresses need to be ordered by as well, so do the research before asking them to purchase.

5. If you want something for your big day, figure out a way to work it into the budget, and bite the bullet. By all means, don’t break the bank. Take something from somewhere else to make it work. If you want a videographer AND a photographer, make your centerpieces less elaborate, etc. This is your day. No regrets.

6. Nourishment. Eat your protein and carbs for breakfast. Drink your water. You need the energy and hydration for the marathon you’re about to run. Don’t forget to make time in your timeline for you and your groom to eat dinner, as well! Dinner is the perfect time to recharge and take to all in.

7. Photographs...because, well obviously. Let your photographer direct you. Be open and attentive to their direction. If you have certain expectations, communicate those to them ahead of time. We want you to love your photos, and this won’t be our first rodeo. We love what we do, or else we wouldn’t do it... We want you to have those magic moments captured forever. Trust us. Let us direct you. Stay focused, as hard as that can be with all the excitement. So eyes open, smile, and look at the camera (unless we say otherwise)! ;)


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