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Annabelle's Big Announcement!

So here it goes, in case you don't already know...we have baby #2 on the way! Due February 2020. We told our daughter one evening when I was 10 weeks along. We expected her to be so all she has talked about for year (no lie) is how Mommy is going to have a baby in her belly one day and that she will be a big sister. She asked us weekly, if not daily, when we would have a baby. Well, the day finally came to tell our little wild one that she was finally going to be a big didn't go as planned...but I suppose that's a 4 year old for you. Here's a short story in photos of how our little firecracker took the news.

Needless to say, after a goodnight's sleep, she woke up feeling refreshed and gushing over the news. She now won't stop giving my belly kisses and hugs... She has also wished to have the crib in her room when the baby comes so she can get up and care for it...ok...sure. Love her.

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